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Established in 1995 by a small group of very experienced detectives, we offer comprehensive professional investigation services to clients nationwide. If you have need of professional, experienced Investigators, Detectives, Genealogists, Tracing Agents, Security Experts, Researchers, Surveillance Operatives etc and expect the strictest confidence, you know who to contact. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week to accommodate clients' requirements. All regions are covered throughout the British Isles, and an extensive network of contacts that are overseas. Our aim is to provide clients with a no-fuss, professional and cost-effective service.

We are pleased to discuss your case in the strictest confidence, and are always able to offer good advice on how best to proceed.

ServicesPrivate Investigators

When searching for Private Investigation Support, it's important to seek specialists that are trained, equipped and experienced in specific areas. To reach a high standard, Private Eye divides its broad portfolio of frequently-requested services in to three divisions.

  • Well-informed Documentation Researchers utilise resources and contacts to trace people for legal organisations or for private individuals. Looking into people's backgrounds for businesses, whether pre- or post-employment, and also a team of accredited genealogists are able to help with family history, probate issues and so forth. These are our Research, Checks and Tracing people.

  • There are some typically-sensitive issues which Detective Agencies are well-known for dealing with and our dedicated team will tend to these enquiries sympathetically. You can count on them to perservere with your case in a professional and discreet manner, and to yield results. Relationship Investigation deals with these kinds of challenges.

  • These days, in this era of cheap spying electronics, it doesn't take a professional to mount a sophisticated surveillance campaign. If you have any grounds to suspect that your privacy is being compromised, whether in the home or office or vehicle, then no less than a regularly-retrained TSCM expert with the latest equipment will do. There's nothing worse than hiring the wrong people with cheap gear, who report a false-negative. Technical Countermeasures know all the tricks; give them a call on 0800 410 1066. There's never a price on Peace of Mind but you might find it surprisingly affordable.
  • tracing persons

    Research, Checks and Tracing

    • Tracing People
    • Document Research, Probate
    • Family History and Genealogy
    • Background Investigations
    • Relocating, Neighbourhood Checks
    • Asset and Pre-sue Enquiries
    • Disputes and Harassment

    tracing persons

    Relationship Investigation

    • Legal Sector Support
    • Matrimonial Investigations
    • Premarital Enquiries
    • Proof of Cohabitation
    • Internet Dating Investigations
    • Stalking and Sexual Misconduct
    • "Peace of Mind" Queries

    tracing persons

    Technical Countermeasures

    • Surveillance - static and mobile
    • Counter-Surveillance
    • De-bugging Sweeps
    • Claims and Fraud Investigations
    • GPS Tracking
    • Stopping Espionage
    • Thwarting Spying Activities

    ClientsPrivate Investigators

    We have many corporate and individual clients, including:

    • Landlords, Tenants, Estate Agents, Letting Agencies and Freeholders
    • Local Authorities, Councils and Government Departments
    • Solicitors, Trustees and Legatees
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Documentary, Film Producers and Media
    • Companies, Employment Agencies, Employers and ex-Employees
    • Parents, Spouses, and Couples
    • Genealogists and Probate Investigators
    • Private Individuals, Private Investigators and Tracing Agents
    • Victims of Personal or Organised Crime including Fraud and Financial Deception

    All of our clients can be totally assured of our absolute discretion.

    Great Reputation, Sound EthicsPrivate Investigators

    Accurate no-obligation quotes
    Cases are never prolonged
    Information is never shared
    Our client loyalty is second-to-none
    Completely "in-house"
    Meticulous reports
    Cases are never used for publicity

    Private Eye

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    "We have instructed Private Eye on a variety of complex genealogy and investigation matters" - Richard Howlett - Solicitor - Selachii LLP London - www.selachii.co.uk

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    "I have instructed Private Eye on many occasions and have been very pleased with every result. I would highly recommend this company" - Nik Coppin - International Comedian - www.nikcoppin.com

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    "I often use Private Eye to trace individuals and would highly recommend this company" - Sarah Goudge - Researcher 

    "They have successfully traced hundreds of ex-clients for us" – City Solicitors

    "Over the years we have used Private Eye on a number of occasions for a variety of tasks. Always an impressive service" – Surrey County Solicitors

    "Private Eye has traced my family back for hundreds of years - excellent affordable researchers" – Hunter-Hardy

    "This company has traced difficult to locate people in many countries for me, and have also taken on the role of my researchers. A big well done to you all at Private Eye Detective Agency!" – Documentary Film-maker and Author

    Established over 20 years