Relationship Investigations

Relationship InvestigationRelationship Investigation

When relationships are in peril, Relationship Investigation detectives are generally unable to provide much emotional counsel, but they can certainly help you avoid becoming a clueless victim of betrayal. It always makes sense to engage the support of a Private Detective when in doubt especially if you face the problem alone. With perhaps much at stake emotionally, financially and domestically, a relationship investigation agent will provide substance to your suspicions to allow you to deal with the situation confidently. Should the evidence form the basis of legal actions, an Asset Investigator can be appointed to research the financial position, even when hidden or offshore assets exist.

Covert and Discreet Detection

Some clients may worry that a private detective could somehow slip up and give the game away. Rest assured that this will never happen. However, if you suspect that your communications are being spied on, we advise that you make calls to us on a public phone.

Needless to say that none of our detectives actually looks like a detective when undertaking covert suveillance. For instance, there are no cameras with telephoto lenses sticking out of car windows or shady characters loitering in doorways in raincoats wearing hats and dark glasses. How we go about surveillance, is our business and no one will be the wiser.

Pre-Marital Enquiries - Lifestyle Profile

In the rose-tinted days of a blooming romance with marriage on the horizon, potential loss of wealth, assets or control may be the very least of one's concerns. Nevertheless, good sense behoves that the background of the intended partner be reviewed carefully for a criminal or abusive past.

In the worst of cases, familiarisation with that person's previous lifestyle, finances and bad habits (or even criminal tendencies) is stonewalled and downplayed. With children in the household, it is especially important to be duly diligent. Where it may be quite difficult for you to be intrusive and nosey when it comes to your intended partner's private affairs, it certainly isn't for us. Corroboration of purported "facts" are a phone call away, and we look forward to rendering assistance, on 0800 410 1066.

Quite commonly, cultural factors also play an important part in vetting of suitable partners - relationship investigation includes information gathered from abroad. A lifestyle profile can be supplied with details of associates, affiliations, liaisons, social behaviour, substance abuse, previous partners and political views.

Internet Dating Investigations

Like it or not, the plethora of dating and messaging apps has opened up society to a new paradigm in the formation of relationships. Judgement of character and compatibility is particularly challenging in a social media setting, even for the most astute. If you require confirmation that a person is who they say they are, and that the relationship is exclusive and genuine, a detective can provide the answers to the questions. Egotistical chumps, game-players and gold-diggers (and worse) are a dime a dozen, and the Internet is exactly where to find them.

Stalking and Sexual Misconduct

Such crimes are best dealt with by the police. They need to be informed immediately, no matter what the circumstances and they will provide valuable advice. Your solicitor will also be able to advise on your legal options. To support these efforts, drawing on outside help is frequently successful and you can get the results you want by calling 0800 410 1066. An agent can be very persuasive when it comes to upholding our client's wishes.

Surveillance: Cohabitation and more

There may be other times when you require covert surveillance to help resolve a situation or gather evidence before taking legal (or other) action.

Examples include: unreasonable behaviour from partners or neighbours, suspicions of theft or fraud, cohabitation, harassment, bullying, damage, flytipping, trespass, adultery, insurance and other false claims, illegal hunting and poaching. Even if yours is a special case, we'd love to hear about that too on 0800 410 1066.

In tandem with relationship investigation, the surveillance team at Private Eye is working constantly, providing individuals, companies, organisations, legal clients, parents, land/property/livestock owners with reassurance and case evidence. The team is highly experienced, technically competent and fully-equipped to cope with any (even on-call) demand.