Tracing peopleTracing People

Being professional Private Detectives, Investigators, Researchers and genealogists provides Private Eye with a great advantage when it comes to locating people.

We are constantly locating debtors, beneficiaries, missing and unknown heirs, potential witnesses, friends and family, missing persons etc.

With many years experience, we are able to offer clients our consistent high standard of service, integrity and discretion at all times.

We have located people for banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, solicitors, local authorities, government departments, authors, newspapers, research and debt companies, hire companies, money lenders, estate agents, letting agents, landlords, tenants, ex-partners, education establishments, private investigators, private individuals etc, we have often located people where other agents have failed.

Private Detectives

Private Detectives at Private Eye offer a highly effective Tracing service. As expeiranced professional Private Detectives we can get results that other Private Detectives will fail.


Private Detectives

Private Detectives are experts in the surveillance field. Private Eye Private detectives have a fully comprehensive Surveillance team for any Private Detective situation.Private Detectives Surveillance Page


There maybe a be a time when you require covert surveillance to help solve a situation or prove your concerns.

There are many situations where you may require evidence before taking legal action etc.

Unreasonable behaviour from partners or neighbours, suspicions of theft or fraud, co-habitation, harassment, bullying, damage, flytipping, trespass, adultery, insurance and other false claims, illegal hunting, poaching etc, chances are, you name it, we have experience with it.

The surveillance team at Private Eye are working constantly, providing individuals, companies, organisations, legal clients, parents, land, property, livestock owners etc with the reassurance or evidence required. The team is very experienced, capable and fully equipped to cope with any situation.

Status and Pre-sueStatus and Pre-Sue

Establishing a subject's assets before costly legal action is essential. Our pre-sue reports include searches from :-


The information we normally provide is the result of the following searches :-

Orders and judgments, High court judgments, Unregistered court judgments, Defaults of fines, Tribunal awards, Property ownership,

Insolvency register, Aliases used, Associations, Notices of correction, Directorships, Director disqualification`s, Lifestyle checks, Identity checks,

Employment details, Public information, Voluntary arrangement details, Small claim decrees, Confirmation of given details, Siblings, partner, issue and other family checks, Asset searches, bespoke to Private Eye.


Private Detectives

Private Eye Private Detectives offer unique Status and pre-sue reports to companies, charities and individuals. As Private Detectives we have the experience and know how to find hidden assets that other Private Detectives cannot.Private Detectives, Status and Pre-sue

Private detectives Bug Sweeps

We have been involved in the bug sweeping business for many years and have kept up to date with technology and equipment, bugs, eavesdropping devices, trackers, transmitters, phone taps, cameras etc. We have seriously invested in the equipment required to aid in their location and maintained necessary training in their use. When bugs are found, we advise on a number of effective options to deal with the situation.

Private Eye are able to offer a peace of mind where detection of a range of different devices is required or confirmation that areas are bug-free. We offer different levels of service depending on the situation and customer requirements. For your convenience we are operational at any time 24/7, and you can count on an efficient, reliable, affordable and thoroughly professional service.

If you require further information on this service please don't hesitate to contact us, remember not to call from a suspect area or phone if you suspect it may be compromised.

Electronic DebuggingElectronic debugging

Electronic debugging otherwise referred to as:

- Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
- Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
- Debugging sweeps
- Electronic sweeps

Whatever you call it, spy electronics has never been more accessible to the general public. Bugs can be introduced into computers, telephone systems, electrical fittings, furnishings, false ceilings etc and may be undermining your privacy in the work place, home or car. We are fully equipped and experienced and have everything we need in-house; we never use sub-contractors and only use equipment manufactured by the world's leading companies in this field: Anritsu, Audiotel, Bicotest, Re­search Electronics International and Winkelmann. Used alongside other effec­tive equipment enables us to provide a thorough comprehensive service tai­lored to any scenario.

Private Detectives Bug Sweeps Continued.

Private Eye, Private Detectives, Private Investigators, Bug Sweeps, Surveillance, Tracing and Genealogy are the mains services of Private Eye.

Private Detectives Services bug Sweeps




Family History/GenealogyPrivate Investigators

At Private Eye we excel in Genealogical and probate related matters.
We are very professional in locating information relating to family and local history, birth`s marriages, death`s, wills and grants, beneficiaries,and heir hunting etc.

Members of our team are constantly contacting and visiting archives and record centres not only in London but all of the UK and very often overseas. The services we offer relating to family matters are so comprehensive we are unable to mention them all on this web site.

Fraud and DeceptionPrivate Eye underline

Fraudsters have always and will always be a problem in our society. With the advent of the world wide web, fraudsters from all over the globe are able to hunt down victims on an international basis.

Dating sites are used for romance scams and a victim can soon find themselves being asked to send money for one reason or another - Employment sites are often full of promises but only exist to relieve you of money - Investment offers and "get rich quick" scams that appear so realistic and tempting to the average person, and then those fake websites used to sell almost everything a bargain hunting on-line shopper could ever want.

It can be difficult to identify a scam web site, and fraudsters work this to their advantage to beguile the honest punter.

Telephone calls, offering fantastic deals or informing you that you are the chosen one, or "your bank" requesting certain details from you to verify they are talking to the correct person, fake couriers etc etc.

Scam letters or Mailing scams are still very much in existence and are seen in a variety of formats e.g. get-rich-quick schemes, fake prizes, bogus health cures, vouchers and delivery confirmations; the list of scams is endless. Never part with your money or identity details unless you are sure it's safe to do so.











Private Investigator

Relocation Neighbourhood ChecksPrivate Eye underline

As most will agree, where you live can be one of the most important things in your life and very often a big investment.

Private Eye have a wealth of experience when it comes to relocation checks. If moving next to a dog that constantly barks at nothing or children that kick a football all day every day is going to make you wish you never moved there, you need to know beforehand. When the wind is in a certain direction your home is enveloped by the smell from the sewage treatment plant. The neighbour across the road has not worked for years because he is frequently claiming benefit and noisily works on his old bangers every day. The road you live on is well known for its black spots. Your neighbour is well known for anti-social behaviour. etc etc. the list is endless, instructing people that have a good knowledge of neighbourhood investigations could save you regrets or reassure you that all is as it should be.

We are all different with different circumstances, so we like to meet our potential clients with a view to how we can help them make what can often be the most important decisions of there lives.

As with some other services, Private Eye has developed a bespoke method of gathering information relating to relocation area checks for our clients.