Bug sweeps

Technical CountermeasuresTracing People

Wifi eavesdropper, communications interceptors, infra-red wireless cameras, gps vehicle-tracking devices, hidden microphones, laser through-wall listeners, and super-spy apps are just a few of the goodies available to the nosey parker. These bugs are as cheap as chips and sell by the hundred on ebay. Being wary of surveillance is hardly considered paranoid these days, especially as spying is no longer the preserve of professionals. With gsm activation, the perpetrator can be anywhere in the world, enjoying a bird's-eye view of your daily activities. Including HD-quality streaming live video, telephone calls, logging visits, internet use and vehicle tracking information. And the buggers don't even need to be monitoring you all the time. They can set up specific alerts to let them know when something interesting is happening. And it all gets recorded for later perusal.

If a business, private individual or family is targetted for electronic surveillance, the position is potentially grim. Trade secrets may be at stake, or a custody battle, or your possessions. Privacy of homes, retail buildings, meeting rooms, offices, changing rooms, telephone conversations, travel, emails, messaging, visitors, deliveries etc are all fair game. From the insiduous voyeur to organised criminals, preying on society with hardly a chance of getting caught. That is, until you enlist the debugging services of renowned countermeasures specialists and you can call us on 0800 410 1066.

De-bugging Sweeps

Try to avoid contacting us using your regular phone not to raise the alarm that might lead to the devices being removed. When we arrive on the premises, the nature of the visit will not be apparent even during the course of the bug sweep. This inspection will be absolutely thorough: all floors, ceiling spaces, electronic appliances, walls, furniture, mains wiring, outbuildings etc will be swept electronically as well as visually inspected for telltale signs of tampering.

Bug-detecting equipment is diverse and as with almost everything, it ranges from the most effective (and sophisticated) down to the most basic and (completely useless). Whereas installation of bugging paraphernalia can be the work of the rank amateur, their reliable discovery requires the best equipment in the hands of a trained (and experienced) TSCM specialist. Technical skills augmented by intuition developed over years, and an obsessive eye for details. The Private Eye TSCM team published what has now become a blueprint for the industry, whose technical guidelines are the "how-to" guide to sweeping premises and vehicles.

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

In harassment personal situations where you wish to confirm a suspicion and gather evidence, very effective affordable surveillance solutions are available. Frequently, the Police do not get involved in suspicions of crimes being committed without evidence of some kind, and you can be left to your own devices when facing stalking or antisocial problems. We will be happy to consult with you about any concerns, on 0800 410 1066.

Surveillance - Static and Mobile

A thorough electronic bug sweep will confidently guarantee that the swept area is bug-free. After a sweep has been performed, a surveillance strategy can be put in place that keeps those areas protected. If a bugger somehow got wind that professionals were being called in to deal with a suspected surveillance situation, any snooping devices could be removed in advance. When the coast was clear, the same devices could be rejigged unless countersurveillance measures was put in place. Call 0800 410 1066 for a no-nonsense detailed discussion with one of the Private Eye Technical team.

If the surveillance is of moving subjects e.g. groups/individuals/vehicles, then we can mobilise a team or single agent to gather intelligence "out in the open". If appropriate, we can advise on the use of GPS trackers. The progress of a suveillance case will be well-documented in the form of reports you will receive, replete with photographs, video, audio and tracking data.

We advise that entrances (and exits) to buildings and driveways should always be monitored by CCTV. These days, yellow-fluoro jacket wearers have implicit authority to be on private land whether it's for making a delivery or undertaking some work. This handy disguise works well for the rogue doorstep opportunist, for which CCTV is a strong deterrent.

Company Policy

Employment absenteeism, disappearing goods, unauthorised visitations, delivery confirmation etc are all good reasons why offices need to adopt some form of overt and covert surveillance policy. Call us for advice on 0800 410 1066.