Tracing PeopleTracing People

If your efforts to track down a lost friend or family member have reached a dead-end, Tracing Agents are available to render expert assistance. The Private Eye Detective Agency has been providing tracing services since 1995 and we are delighted to have enabled numerous private individuals, companies, organisations and legal firms to make contact with many thousands of people.

Tracing people and locating missing persons has been a "bread and butter" service since the company was first established, and it enjoys a national and international reputation for high success and quick turnover (and low rates). Contact us with the particulars of your case on 0800 410 1066 (or E-mail us at Inquiries are always dealt with promptly and you can rest assured that all communications with Private Eye are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Regular repeat business with solicitors and the legal sector in general, account for most Tracing People requests. But private enquiries are also warmly welcomed and the matter will be attended to in the same timely and professional manner. Search requests include, but are not limited to the following:-

  • Family and friends you have lost contact with
  • Beneficiaries
  • Debtors
  • Ex-clients
  • Witnesses
  • Next of kin, known or unknown
  • People in relation to all probate-related matters
  • Missing persons in the UK and overseas
Tracing People

We offer a bespoke service to all of our clients

Over the years, we have located people that for one reason or another, have been quite difficult to find and may have previously had investigators and tracing agents fail in their attempts at tracing them. We are constantly locating individuals that may have changed their name, moved overseas, passed away, married etc and very often when there is little information to start with. Unlike some firms of tracing agents, we are not solely reliant on data base searches as over the years we have perfected many forms of advanced tracing techniques.

We offer a discreet service at all times

All of our enquiries are confidential and our tracing processes follow the guidelines set by the CSA & FCA, and are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

Our tracing slogan since we started in 1995 is "Pay for results, not excuses!"

Background ChecksBackground Checks

In 2012, The Guardian newspaper reported that: increasing student fees and a tighter jobs market had driven up "Education Fraud" and general deception on CV submissions. About a third of CV's contained outright lies, including the conjuring of qualifications and non-existent skill-sets. Add this to the possibility of identity theft, fake references and forgery of location information, and it can become an HR nightmare. Fortunately, these are precisely the cross-reference checks that Researchers perform everyday, whether for Directorships or prospective job candidates. Set your mind at ease by calling 0800 410 1066.

Family History and GenealogyBackground Checks

Through our probate work for the legal sector and the tracing of beneficaries, considerable genealogy resources are placed at the disposal of the Document Researchers. These are often put to good use when constructing family tree, location and timeline documentation on behalf of interested clients.